Freemont Mission Bookcase

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Dimensions: 38″W x 13″D x 72″H

• Five adjustable shelves
• Shelf depth: 10¾”D

Item Code: FMB-3672-O

This design is also available in the following sizes:
FMB-3684-O: 38″W x 13″D x 84″H
Six adjustable shelves
FMB-3680-O: 38″W x 13″D x 80″H
Five adjustable shelves
FMB-3660-O: 38″W x 13″D x 60″H
Four adjustable shelves
FMB-3648-O: 38″W x 13″D x 48″H
Two adjustable shelves
FMB-3636-O: 38″W x 13″D x 36″H
Two adjustable shelves

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