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Shipments of amazingly low-priced rugs in limited close-out quantities have arrived. From door mats and runners to 10X13 rugs, you never know what savings you'll enjoy on these top quality rugs.
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Want to be able to pick the exact size, color, nap and shape?

We also offer custom-ordered Capel rugs which give you ultimate control over your finished look, be it plush, braided, oriental, contemporary, southwest, transitional, ludge, bordered, shag or even kitchen rugs.
Come in for in-stock specials or check out options at Capel Rugs, then give us a call to place your order.


Come see what is available now!

Our stock is constantly changing, but a variety is always available. Sizes you can potentially to find:
    • 2' x 3'
    • 3' x 5'
    • 4' x 6'
    • 5' x 8'
    • 6' x 9'
    • 7' x 9'
    • 8' x 10'
    • 8' x 11'
    • 9' x 12'
    • 10' x 14'

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